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Energy EPC’s core team is a Rhode Island based company and a trusted partner for turnkey commercial solar photovoltaic (PV) systems.

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Energy EPC has provided solar energy generation solutions in the Northeast for more than 10 years. Energy EPC specializes in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) of solar PV systems. Our clients include developers, financiers, utilities, commercial, government, and other institutions. Across the Northeast, Energy EPC is currently constructing more than 45 megawatts of solar PV systems.

At Energy EPC, we understand that executing on solar projects requires a multidisciplinary team. Our team is selectively comprised of engineers, project managers, supervisors, financiers, and legal advisors who collectively work with the DEP/PUC and local regulatory and also coordinate design, construction, site operations, and safety issues in addition to the utility interconnection and permitting process. With a background in project management and solar construction, the team at Energy EPC guarantees quality workmanship. The development process of your project will be managed with our systematic approach including site visits, scheduling, coordination with municipalities, utilities, and other permitting authorities, etc. Energy EPC strongly believes that communication is critical in maintaining strong relationships based on a common goal.

Energy EPC provides turn-key solar energy services and has developed a reputation for:

Energy EPC recognizes safety as a fundamental part of work performed in the solar industry. From start to finish, our team is working safely to ensure an efficient and cost effective system. We value our employees’ precautionary measures and consider safety practices to be a required skill.
Quality Workmanship is a vital part of solar PV installations performed by Energy EPC. Management at Energy EPC continue to provide private and public partners with quality installation, regulatory compliance, assessment of performance metrics in areas of equipment, design criteria, and system shading. For data accuracy and quality reporting, Energy EPC inspectors are trained, experienced and utilize advanced based inspection technology. At Energy EPC, we complete thorough field inspections for commercial and utility scale Solar PV systems. As a contribution to the overall growth of the renewable energy industry, our goal is to deliver solar quality workmanship services.
Energy EPC provides the client with prompt solar PV system delivery. The solar PV system is built to provide reliable solar energy for the projects lifetime expectancy and will maximize the customer’s financial goals.

Energy EPC Services

Engineering Services

Engineers at Energy EPC, design Solar PV systems to balance system size, production factor, and capital expenditures, Our solar systems generate the maximum returns for Energy EPC customers. Each system is customized by Energy EPC for specific sites, such as brownfields, landfills, car-ports, roof-tops, tracker systems, or energy storage systems.

Procurement Services

Determining the finest technology synonymously with project requirements ensures the most cost effective solution. Energy EPC’s exceptional reputation results in a wide range of suppliers for the top overall solution for solar system’s needs. With a team of professionals, Energy EPC is highly capable of effectively managing the procurement of commercial and utility scale solar equipment.

Our procurement process runs in parallel with Energy EPC’s design process in order to maximize the client’s time efficiently. Energy EPC’s project teams oversee the entire project from supplier evaluation and solicitation to equipment manufacturing, delivery and construction to warranty and commissioning.

Shading Analysis Services

For solar PV systems, a proper shading analysis is one of the most integral aspects of design. Analyzing shading generated by neighboring objects/ and or vegetation should be site-specific for every solar PV system. To avoid errors in structural orientation such as, solar system sizing, placement, and component specification, Energy EPC designers and engineers provide an accurate shading assessment at the proposed property sites.

Once a site-specific shading analysis is performed, the insolation data can be applied to solar site analysis and solar designs.

FAA Obstruction and Glare Study Services

Energy EPC has experience with federal aviation administration obstruction and glare studies. Energy EPC would be happy to assist customers upon request with an obstruction and or glare study for the solar PV system.

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